The prophecy by Philip Paul for Finland 2


The prophecy by Philip Paul for Finland


Prophet saw in vision in 2018 the fraud in American presidential election in 2020

The vision by prophet Joseph Z. in 2018 and 2019 about the presidential election in USA. Joseph saw that Joe Biden will be the next president and not Donald Trump who will win the election but the victory will be stolen from him with the help of technology.

But in this year 2023 justice is coming and many secretly done evil frauds will be exposed.


Jeff Liu:

Vision – The Battle for Territory & The Weapons of Warfare – 3rd Jan 2023

I was awakened by the Lord at 3 am last night. I began to pray in the spirit as I rolled around periodically. Usually, I will pray for a bit and fall back asleep but this time the Lord kept me up. I asked the Holy Spirit what was going on and he began to show me what was happening in spiritual regions. My spirit took Jesus’ hand and I saw us begin to elevate to a spiritual dimension where a battlefield was. Jesus was in his normal white garments, he feels like a best friend and protective daddy to me more than anything.

I saw my angel Mikhail who appeared in his gold and blue warrior armor. His eyes glowed with a fiery blue and his whitish blonde hair. I saw his powerful wings hanging behind him to his side tucked away. He was composed, apprehensive, and ready for flight and battle. This is unusual as whenever I have seen him he is usually on guard, serious but relaxed and composed.

Jesus looked at me and said that the enemy was at work deploying schemes and attacks over the earth. Their plans for the new season were to bring more chaos, confusion, and death. I then looked and saw many other angels and saints in the spirit praying and engaged in warfare. The angels were intermixed with the human spirits of believers around the world. I saw troops of angels as though they were ready for battle on one side while a mist and dark cloud of darkness were gathered far away in the distance.

The kingdom of light was in a bit of commotion as though angels were flying around the front lines. I also saw the Archangel Michael who was adorned in golden armor with a glow of red fire in between his armor plates, his armor had ornate engravings and golden armor around him. I have only seen him once prior to this encounter. Michael held a banner in one hand which had some writing I didn’t recognize but knew it had the names of the Lord on it representing the kingdom of God. He held a mighty sword in the other hand. He planted the banner in front of the lines of the angelic host as if to mark territory where the enemy couldn’t pass.

I saw from the multitude of saints who were praying. As I observed their spirits, a glowing aura flowed from their mouths that became literal weapons into thin air. Some of these prayers transformed into flaming arrows pointed toward the enemy camp’s direction. Others became spears, massive shields, and other weapons that materialized in their spiritual hands.

The prayers from the saints seemed to be powerful and effective in the hands of those who knew how to pray in the spirit. What shocked me is that the saints seemed to be so few on the spiritual battlefield. The spiritual darkness seemed to be overwhelmingly growing in the distance. Jesus said to me that the time was near yet many who were called had abandoned the faith or were unable to join because of the spiritual vows they made against the Holy Spirit’s operation in their lives. The doubts and snuffing out of the Holy Spirit in their lives were something that was dangerous and never meant to be. They were meant to operate with God in the spirit as much as they were in the natural world. At that moment I felt and saw the Holy Spirit ache or shutter as I felt His presence flow around me. I have often seen him as a golden wind or aura and I could see Him blowing around me and over and around the army of light.
Jesus said some other things to me but as I turned around, I saw in the distance more angelic troops join the rows of army battalions. Many angels were holding swords, spears, and other weapons. I focused on one angel who had silver-colored armor. I could recognize that he was a special warrior class that I had seen before. The armor appeared like multi-faceted plates with sharp edges. This angel was covered from head to toe in an armored bodysuit. This was literally a part of his body and being. Jesus said to me that at the fall, many angels were appointed to new positions in the kingdom. Not all angels fell at the same time but I could sense different events and groups of angels who departed. I could also feel a deep sadness in Jesus at the time as these fallen angels were once his beloved creations too. Jesus said that like angels, men and women would also have to make a choice of whom they will serve.

As I began to take my attention off of the angel of war, I looked at others who wore rainbow-coloured and multi-glittering garments and armor. They shone brilliantly and their armor shimmered like iridescent rainbows. Their armor was golden and silver and I saw these angels standing within the different troops of angels with 1 in each battalion or rectangular section. These angels brought a different type of measure of glory with them. Their role was like that of a drummer who keeps the rhythm of a team together. I saw that they held shofar horns as if they were weapons. The shofar horns were plated with gold-silver seals over them and they looked powerful. They also carried swords at their sides and were adorned with metallic plates of armor.

As I continued to pray in the spirit, I looked at many other angels who were holding 2 sided spears with blades on both ends. The majority of the spears were the blade ends. The handle makes up a third of the weapon. These weapons looked slightly curved like a middle eastern romfaia sword. The angels had a front battle skirt in the middle with metallic armor resembling a medieval knight. Amongst the other groups of angels, I saw the spirits of saints who looked generally smaller than these warrior angels who I estimate were 10-30 feet in height in human standards. Some of the saints appeared to be larger and taller looking in spirit. Some carried more power, and authority because of their intimacy with God. Regardless, many of these spirits were brilliantly shining in this realm. Hence they were shining ones as they glowed brightly with the presence of the Lord.

My warrior angel Mikhail at that moment flew down beside Jesus and me and he said that the coming days were an important time as the enemy has plans to wound many of the children of God. The kingdom of darkness plans to wound mankind and then cause them to spiral down a path of destruction for the new season (year of 2023).

As I looked up at Mikhail and Jesus, they both stood strong and mighty. Yet, Jesus was soft and compassionate while Mikhail was his usual serious and focused. I asked them what the saints could do. Jesus looked at me and Mikhail to allow Mikhail to answer. Mikhail said to continue to pray in the spirit(tongues) as it is a weapon in the hands of a skillful warrior. Your tongue has the power to preserve and bring life or the power to curse and kill. When the children of God pray, they unleash carnage into the enemy’s camp and they can shift entire realms, dimensions, and atmospheres in the spirit. Jesus then said that when you feel awakened at night or your attention is drawn to the Lord it is at that moment we are being called by the Holy Spirit to pray in the spirit.

At that moment as I continued to pray with other saints, I saw bubbles like forcefields begin to expand over the army of light. The bubbles began to push outward over this spiritual region and push back the darkness. In the distance many hordes of demons, fallen entities, witches, and warlocks were trying to release curses and destruction. They were saying vile things as well as committing evil, sinful acts, and sacrificial rituals. After that, I was brought back from the spirit and did not see what happened next on the battlefield. I believe a war in the spiritual battlefield took place (which was later confirmed by other friends and ministry partners who were permitted to see and intercede) but it was for the purpose that I am to share this with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. While holding my hand, Jesus looked me in the eyes with such love and said that the children of God must continue to seek intimacy with Him or otherwise be lost in the darkness and confusion of the world. We need to seek the face of Jesus which is intimacy with him. The empty prayers, endless Bible studies, and religious church mornings will no longer cut it. Jesus wants you to know Him face to face.

But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear. – Matthew 13:16
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. – Ephesians 6:12.

Picture: Archangel Michael.